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Salting Veggies

Deli Platters & Catering

Large Deli Platter
1 lb roast beef
1 lb domestic ham
1 lb turkey breast
1 lb Swiss cheese
1 lb provolone cheese
Assorted olives & garnishes
Rolls at additional charges

Serve 12-15

Assorted Sandwich Platter
Includes 7 large submarine sandwiches

cut in half. Popular choices include:
Roast beef, Ham, Italian, Turkey, Cranberry


Serve 7-10


Assorted Roll UP Sandwich Platter
Your choice of seven (07) roll up sandwiches on white or wheat wraps, along with green olives. Popular choices include: vegetarian, turkey, ham, roast beef, cranberry walnut chicken salad


Serve 7-10


Cheese and Cracker Platter
Include four (04) varieties of cheese and crackers, along with your choice of dip or hummus

Serve 15-20

Veggie Platter
A healthy assortment of lettuce, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, yellow peppers, celery and your choice of dressings

Serve 12-15

Tropical Fruits

Large Fruit Salad
Include: watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries


Serve 15-20


Fruit Platter
Includes variety of fruits

Serve 15-20

Gift Baskets
We deliver locally and throughout Southeast Massachusetts. We will be happy to customize your order. Don't forget to add a Fruit and Gourmet Food Gift Basket from our selection.

Have questions? Contact us at:

800 Gifford Street Extension

Falmouth, MA 02540
Phone: 508-548-1300
Fax: 508-495-0200

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